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 AJER vol:3/num:2    December 2019




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Optimization in production of yogurt enriched with phenolic compounds of carob pulp (Ceratonia siliqua L.) by experiment plan

Yassine Benchikh1; Iliès Kadda Djellas; NassimaMohellebi                                                         






Identification of the environmental aspects generated by the activities of the company SAMHA, Setif

Fatima  Adjiri, Abdelmalek Harrag




Water pollution in the rivers of the Seybouse basin and their impact on the quality of dam water and the environment

Rabah M; Bouchelkia H





Optimization of Orange Acid 10 Degradation by Fenton Process using      an n Experimental Box-Behnken Design

Imene Djeghader; Saida Merabet; Farida Bendebane; Fadhel Ismail




Satellite Attitude Control Based Adaptive sliding Mode Method

Jalal Eddine Benmansour; Elhassen Benfriha; Rima Roubache




Injecting the STATCOM in electric networks for sustainable energy development

Gasmi Belkacem





Effect of the impact distance on the thermal and dynamic behavior of a swirling jet impacting a flat plate

Zerrout Amar, Khelil Ali





Numerical Study of Natural Convection in a Closed Cavity

Zermane Samah, Boulkroune Nadjet, Bouneb Nardjess





Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of modified clay materials

Souheyla Boudjema; Abderrahim Choukchou-Braham





Algerian Journal of Engineering Research: Engineering to bring solutions of various problems (Issue AJER-3-2)

The present AJER-3-2 issue presents nine retained papers all dealing Engineering topics.

The first paper concerned the optimization of the production of a home made yogurt by an enrichment with phenolic compounds of the carob pulp (Ceratonia siliqua L.) as well as following key parameters like the pH and the viscosity (Benchikh et al).

The second paper dealt with an environmental analysis within a company producing and marketing household electrical appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, cookers), in order to establish the list of the environmental aspects and to identify those considered as significant and also to implement an Environmental Management System (Adjiri and Harrag).

The third paper reported a study concerning the control of the pollution parameters of the Seybouse basin basing on data collected during the period from 2003 to 2014, by identifying the characteristics of the surface waters of these rivers and by determining their qualities. The approach was based on chemical analyses of the water to identify the nature and levels of pollutants (Rabah and Bouchelkia).

The next paper dealt with the modeling and optimization of the degradation of Orange acid 10 by Fenton process, with the objective to use a minimum of experiments by applying a modeling design of the Box-Behnken type. The effects of the different parameters and their interactions on the response were investigated (Djeghader et al)

The fifth paper proposed an adaptive sliding-mode controller design for a three-axis stabilized rigid satellite attitude system with uncertain disturbances, combining sliding mode control and an adaptive algorithm, which is used to estimate the disturbances uncertainties (Benmansour et al).

The next paper concerned the design of a control strategy for voltage and for reactive power flows passing through the road lines networks, using a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) device that is parallel type compensator based on the absence of parallel voltage source converters (VSC), as well as the development of a control strategy of reactive power and voltage on a transmission system under the Matlab environment (Gasmi).

The seventh paper concerned a numerical study of the influence of the variation of the impact distance on the thermal and dynamic behavior of a swirling jet impacting a plane plate (Zerrout and Khelil)

The next paper dealt with a numerical study on natural convection in a square cavity heated from the base wall while the upper wall was adiabatic and the vertical walls were maintained at a constant cold temperature, in order to examine the fluid behaviour inside the square cavity (Zermane te al).

The last paper was concerned with the study of clay type material like Bentonite collected from Maghnia (Algeria), modified by oxides and impregnation by a metal of transition and tested as a catalyst for oxidation reactions (Boudjema and Choukchou-Braham

             The Chief Editor and his staff would like to thank Professor Bouras Ahmed, the head of Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3 and Professor Benmohamed Karima, the vice-rector in charge of post graduation and research for their permanent encouragements towards the development of this journal.


Prof Abdeslam-Hassan Meniai

Chief Editor






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